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HEY GUYS! IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! Would you like 10% off of your next tattoo sitting!? Steveston Tattoo Company would like to present this generous offer to each of our clients who presents their own generous offer to the Richmond Food Bank this month of December! Let's break it down: YOU bring a generous donation of non-perishable items for the Richmond Food Bank on your next visit to our shop before 6pm, December 20th, 2014. In turn, WE will issue you a voucher good for 10% OFF of your next sitting with any of our artists. Sitting for an hour, or a full day? Doesn't matter! TEN PERCENT OFF, from us to you, for being a good guy, and making a good donation to those in need. Please note, after receiving your voucher, you will have to book your appointment by February 28th for a tattoo that takes place in 2015. We gotta keep the wheels rolling on this thing. One more time: 1) Donate 2) Get voucher 3) Book rad tattoo 4) Get 10% off 5) Rejoice Merry Christmas, tell your friends, make a donation and don't forget to be awesome. THANKS ALL!


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