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It has been a while, but Steveston Tattoo is bringing back their walk in style days starting this October 2022!!!

Predrawn flash and get what you get pieces will be available on this day only. Flash pieces will be available for preview as of October so watch our Instagram page and stories for them!

All flash pieces can be done more than once and can be done in colour or black and grey - your choice!

Get what you get pieces will vary in price from $120, $150 to $180. You won't know what you get or how much it is, until you get your prize. Designs can be done in either colour or black and grey for the same price - your choice! There will also be 4 GOLDEN BALLS thrown into the mix. These will be larger 3-4 hour tattoos that will be done for $180 by the artist who drew it up!

Payment will be cash only

Government issued photo ID will be required (18+ only, even with parental consent)

Waiver form must be completed prior to getting tattooed

First Come, First Served - some come early and save a spot!

Start time: 12pm


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