STC Owner and Tattooer - Ryan Halter

Mr. Halter opened the studio in 2011 with a goal to making it a welcoming, growing and community involved shop.

Ryan himself has been tattooing for over 20 years with a background in American Traditional and Traditional Japanese style tattooing.


Video by: Yosuke Revill

Walk-In Day

Since we are primarily by appointment, we make it a point to include walk-in days on the last Saturday of the month.


These days provide an opportunity for us to fit in small tattoos (nothing longer than a 2 hour appointment) without waiting too long and in a super fun environment!

Video by: Yosuke Revill


STC Bio - Ethan Miller Productions

Our friend and extremely talented videographer, Ethan Miller, made this amazing video for us before he passed.

Gone but not forgotten. RIP Ethan

Hold Fast Stay Gold - Documentary Campaign Video

"It is our goal to shine a light on the history, culture, and practitioners of the Canadian tattoo craft. Often overshadowed by our American cohorts, we wish to expose the influence Canadian artists have had on the world stage as well as our own emerging identity as a group. Through in depth interviews and anecdotal accounts of the past and present we hope to reveal a truly Canadian cultural identity and establish a record of our place on the world stage while also sharing a glimpse of where we are headed in the future."