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Steveston Tattoo Company is continuing our tradition of Walk In Days on the last Saturday of every month as of tomorrow! Walk In Days are the perfect time to come in for that little banger tattoo you've been dying to get, but haven't wanted to wait 2-3 months for an appointment. The people are fun, the coffee is hot, and the tattoos are one of a kind!

January 31st, come on down with your finest ideas for tattoos two hours and under. We will consult with you, draw for you and tattoo you all in the same day! That simple, that awesome.

We suggest coming down around 10am to add your name to our list, and we will call you to come back within a half hour of the artwork being prepared, in the order of each client's arrival.

Although we do not take requests for specific artists on Walk In days, we do our damndest to pair each client with the most suitable artist for your design.

We do not tattoo hands or necks on Walk In Days. We do offer custom designs, but can work with an image you bring as well.

If your design is not suitable for a Walk In Day, we will arrange a consultation at a later date to further discuss more complex and larger pieces prior to booking a sitting.

Please remember, we try to keep each Walk In tattoo under 2hrs so that everyone can be tattooed by the end of the day. Thank you for understanding. Looking forward to seeing you!

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